Zine Drawings

I did a few drawings for my friend’s zine earlier this year. I was pretty happy with them. I can sense that my style is changing; no longer timid of a little contrast.



Drawing a Hedgehog From a Picture

I have done many doodles of hedgehogs (who hasn’t?), but have never attempted fleshing one out to approach realism. Since they are my obsession and I can’t stop looking at pictures of them anyway, I figure I might as well try to draw one.

First things first: find a photo of a hedgehog. Right. I have two hedgehogs, and several photos of them. Let’s grab a few for consideration.

Petunia in a mug

Exhibit A: Petunia in a mug. Adorable, yes, however the photo quality is poop. I’d rather not work with poop (not in this instance, anyway).

Petunia on a lawn chair

Exhibit B: Petunia on a lawn chair. Not bad. Let’s table it for now.

Zelda in the tub

Exhibit C: Zelda in the tub. Full body shot, though the lighting isn’t ideal.

Zelda being stalked

Exhibit D: Zelda being stalked by my cat, Hoggle. I like that you can really see the infamous roundness associated with hedgehogs.

I’m going to go with Exhibit C, Zelda in the tub. Here we go! (Apologies for iffy pictures. Next time I’ll use the scanner.)

Zelda tub drawing 1

Breaking the picture up into shapes is usually a good starting point.

Zelda tub drawing 2

Figure out the basic contours of the hedgie, erase guidelines.

Zelda tub drawing 3

Time to dive right in! I was a bit intimidated by the spines, but I figured that since they are essentially modified hairs, I would draw them the way I draw hair.

Zelda tub drawing 4

I tried to pay attention to the direction the spines are going. Comparing with the picture, I can see that I made Zelda’s tummy a little too round. She’s on the skinny side, despite the fatty insects I feed her.

Zelda tub drawing 5

Aaaaaand the completed drawing. Not bad for my first attempt, though I will be looking into drawing techniques to tackle those spines. I also skipped doing the shadow, but I figure it will make my next hedgehog sketch look so much more impressive and you’ll say,”By god, Sarah! You have really improved! You even included the shadow!” Or something like that.