It Grows on You…

It Grows On You

Nothing amazing, kind of ugly really, but after a while… it grows on you.

Unrelated, (well, somewhat related- after I used the ellipsis it reminded me of something) I saw a strange thing today. This truck had a window decal that read like this:

In Memory of Adam… Adam Carter

Ooookay. What? Are we supposed to read that in Sean Connery’s voice? “Bond… James Bond.”

I probably shouldn’t mock what was an obvious memorial to a dead person. Bad juju.



Getting My Art Seen


This was one time-consuming project. You may have noticed that it’s been a while since I last posted. Fortunately, it was because I was busy doing artful things all summer, and not because I am a lazy sap (though I did watch significant amounts of TV; I mean have you seen “Orange is the New Black?” Captivating!)

I was approached by a dear friend who curates artwork at a local coffee shop. His July – August artist bailed out on him, so he asked if I would exhibit.

I’m all “Yes, yes! Of course I hate all of my previous work and will have to create several paintings from scratch in two weeks… plus frame them and install hanging hardware… all while working two jobs… and planning a trip to my brother’s wedding in Thailand… no problem!”

To be fair, most of the work is on the small side. I wanted to price the stuff so it might actually sell. Fingers crossed!

I also added another “Page” to this blog with some of my artwork. I may try to organize it in some fashion later on, but for now I will focus on keeping it updated.


My friend’s kid enjoying the exhibit