hamster eye

I heart René Magritte. His work is unsettling and beautiful. My Drawing students do not appear to grasp the wonder of surreal art. So I am starting them off with some “surrealism lite”, or “diet surrealism”.
After doing several eye studies and sketches, we are now tackling a project inspired by Magritte’s “False Mirror”.
Image credited to

Image credited to

Students are to create their own concept for placing something impossible in an eye. I drew the hamster wheel example. I really should have put a bit more detail into the actual wheel spokes, but I focused more on getting the anatomy down to serve as a good example.

A basic understanding of shading is crucial to making an eye look 3 dimensional. My students are drowning. I’m thinking we should get messy with charcoal to see if blending with fingers will aid them in their learning of the value scale.


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