Teaching a Perspective unit right now. My students hate it. They keep trying to draw the lines without a ruler, then wonder why their drawings look like poop. This is the conversation I have every day with at least 3 students:

“I’m done.”

“Did you use a ruler for these lines here?”


“I see. Could you try again with a ruler this time (as I instructed)?”


This could take a while to catch on.



2 thoughts on “Urbanite

  1. Might ask for your help on this sometime. Started making a doodle diary to learn more Thai, and I was doing okay until raft (แพ pae, long a). Took me a while, and it still looked like poop. You always do quite well though. ^_^

  2. Using rulers for perspective and sighting and measuring with their drawing tools for figure drawings always annoy student artists. However they are very necessary so one’s work doesn’t look like crap.

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