When Hedgehogs Attack

2014-09-06 15.38.07

August 28 – Sprained my ankle. How, you ask? Just walking. Literally. My ankle was all “I’m a ballerina!” My neighbor helped me up, and I limped to my car and went to work.

August 29 – Car accident. Old man crossed two lanes of traffic and hit me. Acquired silver streak on passenger side of my car.

September 6 – I painted a hedgehog attacking the Indianapolis monument for the Art vs. Art competition.


Photo credited to Whitney Walker at Sky Blue Window

September 8 – My cat Hoggle went missing. Stephen and I searched everywhere, assumed he was dead. Wept like a baby.

September 9 – Found Hoggle. Overjoyed. Somehow crawled into neighbor’s basement of our duplex. He is no longer allowed in the basement.

September 12 – My 30th birthday! Also, online voting began for Art vs. Art.

September 13 – My dear sister and her wonderful wife threw a reception at their new house to celebrate getting hitched back in June, when the ban on gay marriage was deemed unconstitutional.

September 15 – Wallet went missing. Suspected it was taken out of car.

Today – Wallet found, sans $40 birthday cash. At least I don’t have to get a new driver’s license…

Saturday – Competing in another art contest, Masterpiece in a Day.


A lot of ups and downs these past few weeks. My ankle still hurts, and my car accident claim is still processing. I would be absolutely delighted if you could take a moment to vote for my painting at Art Vs. Art. I am also taking suggestions for what to paint on Saturday.


4 thoughts on “When Hedgehogs Attack

  1. Love your work! Sucks about losing the cash, but at least you got your wallet back. Hopefully, you leg heals up soon. Glad to hear Hoggle is safe!

    As far as suggestions on what to paint, maybe you could try something normally cute being bad-ass, like a bunny in a leather jacket, a cig in one paw and a bloodied baseball bat in the other. Or something normally bad-ass doing something nice, like Solid Snake giving kids ice-cream.

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