The Turd Week of School



My students were acting like giant turds today.

We were tasked to paint a 36″ x 48″ canvas for the Indianapolis Colts, to put up in the stadium (or something). Last week I had them brainstorm images for the painting (it was like pulling teeth). No one was brave enough to put together a final sketch, so I took their ideas home and came up with a composition over the weekend.

This week, I wanted them to use the grid method to transfer the sketch onto the canvas. I had to practically hold their hand through the process of making a simple grid. I keep telling them to focus on one square at a time and copy the lines.

You’d think I had asked them to paint a subway mural. Whining, groaning, defiance, not following directions.

One student kept saying “This is Painting class, not Drawing.” I told him that this is part of the process; all painters need to be able to sketch out their projects, especially when working on a collaborative piece.

THEN he had the nerve to demand that I draw it on the canvas for them, and the other students chimed in. I suppose this is what comes of getting students placed in a class in which I requested students first take a 2D art class or Drawing class as a pre-requisite, and having that request promptly ignored.

This is going to be a fun semester.




One thought on “The Turd Week of School

  1. Saw your Gravatar here at Pairodox Farm and didn’t recognize you, so thought I’d drop by an take a look. It would appear that we have teaching in common … I start back next Monday … ugh! I really like your stuff, its honest and real, and you’ve got a good sense of humor and your drawings are unique (boy, I hate it when folks say, “Gee, that’s sort of unique.” Come on people, it’s either unique or it isn’t). I’m glad I dropped in … and, thanks. D

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