Sticker Madness

2014-07-03 01.11.55

There are few things in life I love more than stickers. Now that I have a sticker maker, I feel like I have magical powers and it’s all I want to do for the rest of my days. I will grow to be a funny old crone who talks to herself and covers the walls of her house in handmade stickers. You wait.

2014-06-30 22.30.51

Yes, I got the cutesy pink, houndstooth sticker machine. I figured if I was going purchase something that is basically going to be an extension to my arm, that I might as well invest in something appealing to the eye. (Hint: if you are new to HSN, you can save a buttload on your first purchase- I got this thing super cheap!)

2014-07-03 01.13.01

My current obsession is creating stickers out of recycled cardboard. I have a ton saved in our house because I dream of one day building a maze for my hedgehogs, which has yet to happen.

2014-07-03 01.22.53

I also crafted some stickers from pictures of family, friends, and pets in anticipation of a family get-together this weekend.

2014-07-03 01.33.01

I’m still experimenting, so I’m finding that some things work better than others. On the whole, this machine is the shit.

2014-07-03 10.52.45



2 thoughts on “Sticker Madness

  1. OMG!! You have a sticker maker!! When I was in high school I had a close door closet which I had covered with about a 1000 (literally) stickers. That’s how obsessed I am. So this makes me very jelly.

  2. Have you ever considered psychotherapy? I’ve heard it can do wonders, even in severe cases such as yours.

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