Interviewing Mary Voorhies of Get Baked in Delphi


Mary Voorhies (nope, not a misspelling- zero relation to Jason Voorhees) is a cookie decorating wizard. She puts in hours of work researching designs, baking delicious sugar cookies, and turning out fabulous edible artworks. She’s also my sister!

Animal sweaters unite!

Animal sweaters unite!

We recently chatted about her up and coming little business, Get Baked in Delphi.

Tell me about your name. Why did you choose Get Baked in Delphi?

I don’t know, I just kind of came up with it. I like funny names, I think a funny name sticks with people longer. The reason I did “in Delphi” is because the motto for Delphi, Indiana is “Of Carroll County.” I wanted to make that history connection to the founder who made a point to add Delphi of Carroll County.

How long have you been baking cookies?

Well, we always decorated Christmas cookies growing up. I would say I really started baking and decorating sugar cookies about two years ago (December 2011), then seriously selling them just a few months ago.


What was it that made you want to start decorating cookies?

I really just like doing this. Even when I stay up 24 hours working on them and get absolutely no sleep and have agreed to do way too much for very little compensation, I just love to do it, it’s just fun to do.

Is baking a hobby or a business?

I would say both. I do sell some cookies, but it’s early. Even if I sold none, I would still do it, it’s still a hobby.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Other people (laughs). It’s amazing how many people decorate cookies. I do get some ideas from other people, but I do ask permission first. Stationery, stickers, fabric with really cool designs. A lot of times if I have half of an idea building in my mind, when I go to sleep, I dream about the cookies. I do, I dream about cookies. If I get no sleep, my work suffers, because… no cookie dreams!

What one item in your kitchen can you not live without and why?

My Kitchen Aide Mixer because I would not want mix everything by hand. A lot of recipes you have to mix for 8 minutes, so you can set it and walk away.


What is on your baking bucket list?

I want to do some hand-painted cookies. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one that I really want to try.

Aside from cookies and baking what else do you like to do? Hobbies?

Spend money! Hang out with kids, cook, read. We’ve been reading a lot lately because Lucian wants to get his Book-It Ticket. I like to decorate left over cookies with them.


Okay, now time for some cookie baking preferences. Which do you prefer…?

Royal or glaze?
Royal, definitely.

Chill or no chill?
No chill.

Sift or don’t sift?
Never sift. I’m lazy.

Thick or thin?

Outline & flood or one consistency?
One consistency, again I’m lazy.

Piping bags or bottles or both?
Bottles unless I need thick consistency, then I use a bag.



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