Selling My Art… Like a Boss!

Painting of cats on a walk

I sold something! At my solo show! To a complete stranger, not a family member! Yay!

Granted, I was really expecting to sell more than one piece, as I had priced them to be pretty dang affordable (this one was THE most affordable…), but I am happy that at least one piece sold.

So now it’s time to analyze the situation to death. This painting, titled “Midnight Stroll”, was very different from all the other works. In fact, I had questioned whether or not to include it. However, when I posted the image on Facebook, it got a ton of compliments. Does this mean my other work is not appealing to the general public? Or anyone, for that matter? What is it about this one that draws people in?

Honestly, it’s not my favorite. There are a lot of things I hate about it. The butterflies seem so “placed” and the cat on the far left looks squished. I do enjoy the whimsical quality of the long-legged cats. Perhaps I can combine what I love about my other paintings with more long-limbed creatures.

I will continue to experiment with this style and see what I come up with. For now, I shall bask in the glory of the sale. Hooray for earning money with things I make!


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