Finding a Smoothie I Enjoy

The amount of smoothie recipes available online is overwhelming. Where to start?

I’ve actually tried a number of different recipes, and they have either been pretty uninspiring or so dang thick that the straw collapses in on itself and I give the inside of my cheeks hickies.

I’m not about to try those green ones with the spinach. They not only weird me out, but I like spinach just fine raw, and eat plenty of it in said form, so… why pulverize it into an unappealing green puree?

After a long search to find the perfect smoothie, I concluded that maybe smoothies weren’t for me. I love the idea of drinking fruity energy that would be a healthy substitute to junk food, but it looked like it wasn’t meant to be.

Until I found this!

Wake-Up Smoothie Recipe

The Wake-Up Smoothie from Eating Well

Just what I was looking for. It’s simple, I already had all the ingredients in my kitchen, easy to alter, and ohhhhh so good. You can even use half a tablespoon of sugar and still have a satisfying amount of sweetness. My hubby is not crazy about bananas, so I throw in an extra half cup of berries to balance it out for his palette. Haven’t heard any complaints yet!

Highly recommended for those of you struggling to find an agreeable smoothie. Trust me. It’s the shit.


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