Filming a Day in the Life of My Hedgehogs

I have filmed so many snippets of my two hedgehogs just being them adorable selves, I decided to put together a little compilation.

A little background on the leading ladies:


  • Light colored, pink nose and ears
  • 1 year old, birthday in August
  • Loves watermelon, green peppers, crickets
  • Loathes baths


  • Dark colored, brown nose and ears
  • 2 years old, birthday in March
  • Loves mealworms, crickets
  • Loathes baths

People often ask me if they float on their backs in water, like in various videos you see online. Well… yes, but they hate both being on their back, and being in water, so it usually results in them flailing wildly and getting water up their nose. You can see what I’m talking about near the end of the video.



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