Tattooing a Banana

It’s tricky coming up with interesting art projects for a bunch of high school kids who are completely apathetic. I am their third art teacher this year, as this school has a high turnover, so I can’t blame them for being jaded. So after a bit of prodding, I found that many of them were interested in tattoos.

Believe it or not, they actually asked me if I was going to bring in a tattoo gun and let them practice on each other. Um. No.

They thought I was kind of strange for assigning them each a banana to tattoo designs on with thumbtacks, but they really got into it. See for yourself:


2013-05-10 10.52.47

2013-05-10 11.24.35

2013-05-10 11.28.39

2013-05-10 11.30.56

2013-05-10 11.31.06

2013-05-10 11.31.22

2013-05-10 11.33.51

2013-05-10 11.35.15

2013-05-10 11.40.47

2013-05-10 11.40.54


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