Embroidering a Baby Bib

I am crazy in love with embroidery, thanks to the amazing book Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery. So many inspiring pieces of artwork! It’s how I discovered The Tattoo Baby Doll Project:

Lydia's Protege by Sherri Wood, Tattoo art by Sarah Peacock

Artist Sherri Wood buys baby dolls from thrift stores and sends them to tattoo artists to draw designs on their cloth bodies. They sent them back and she embroiders over the designs. Coolest. Thing. Ever.

It really made me want to get into the embroidery game. I’ve been eyeing the neat-o patterns at Sublime Stitching for a while. What’s cool is they also sell blank textiles to sew upon. I chose to embroider a baby bib for my brand new niece, Huxley.


I decided to start with a fairly simple design. After all, I don’t think she’s going to critique me on how complex the embroidery on her bib is.

Since I don’t have an iron to do iron-on patterns, I bought the carbon transfer paper, so I could just trace the pattern. What I didn’t know was that carbon paper doesn’t transfer AT ALL on the spongey bib material >_< So, I just used a washable marker and copied some of the patterns myself.

Then I got to it!

I forgot how therapeutic this was. It’s nice to have a pattern to follow, because you don’t really have to use your brain much, you can just kind of space out. Wait. That makes me sound kind of loony. Um. It’s like… meditating! Yes. Relaxing your mind.

Done! I’m glad I started with something easy that I could easily finish in a short amount of time. I feel so accomplished! Today bibs, tomorrow, the world!

Since my niece resides several miles away, I’m afraid I can’t have her show it off for you. So here’s a panda modeling the bib.

Yaay! Now I’m going to poke around my apartment and try to find more things to embroider.


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