Crafting Nerdy Ringtones

This is not a review of the best sites to make your own ringtones. This is just how I do it.

I use You just ignore all the sucky ringtones they advertise, click “Make your own”, and upload sound bites. Once uploaded, you can crop it so the song starts and ends where you want it to. This is great because some songs have a long, uninteresting intro, when what you really want for your ringtone is the “meat” of the song so you can sing the best parts of “Mr. Roboto” when your mom calls.


Once you’ve cropped your song, Myxer will send you a text with a link to download the song onto your phone. Access the song from your music app, and add it as a ringtone. Fast, easy, free. It exists.

My current ringtone (cropped to my favorite bit “I move the stars for no one!”):

So of course you can use your favorite songs, but you can also use sound bites from your favorite movies (well… if you can find them). Movie Sound Clips is a good place to start looking. Right now I have text alerts assigned to individual people, lines from Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, Clue, and Yellow Submarine.

Painfully nerdy, you say? Perhaps, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who smile when I get a text alert.


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