Framing Tarot Cards

I have the loveliest set of tarot cards, influenced by the works of Gustav Klimt. His scrawny figures are so pale and haunting, and the contrast of the repetitious gold shapes is just enchanting. Problem is, I don’t really do tarot readings. I think it’s a neat idea, but I’m not the type to make people feel better about themselves by pretending I know more about their fate than they do. Not my bag.

Yet I desperately wanted to find some purpose for these cards other than pull them out once a year to look at them. I have enough items like that. So I decided to frame them.

Not all of them, of course. There are like 70 of those things. I mean someday that might be cool, but for now I’m sticking with three.

Klimt card 1

Klimt card 2

Klimt card 3

I’ll admit, it was hard to pick just three. I had narrowed it down to 10, then selected the three I thought fit together best. I purchased simple front-loading 5×7 frames from Meijer, and just used the black cardstock it came with for the background. You can probably see the price sticker residue on the second one, but I didn’t think it was too noticeable when all was said and done  (I am cheap and lazy. Nice to meet you.).

Tarot card display 1

Tarot card display 2

Tarot card display 3

It definitely adds some personality to the wall with the fusebox.

Who knows, maybe I’ll continue to add framed cards to my walls as the years go by and have a stunning Klimt shrine going on. Friends will talk about it and all the art nerds will flock to my residence to visit the crazy lady with 70 framed tarot cards.

Ehh, probably not.


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