Photographing Drag Queens

Kind of random, I know. The thing is, I catch a drag show about once a month, and they always look so fabulous. I must capture this fabulousness…yeah, thanks, Spellcheck. I know “fabulousness” isn’t a word, deal with it. Stop trying to push “nebulousness” on me.

I’ve snapped a few blurry photos on my iPod touch while checking into Foursquare. Since then, I’ve acquired the fancy-pants Galaxy S3, which has a pretty nice camera. Let’s compare.

iPod touch:                                                                      

Very blurry drag queen

Yeeesh. So blurry and indistinct. Not even fit to be on instagram.

Galaxy S3: 

Ooh, look at her strut!

I love you thiiiiiiis much

Necessary materials for this project.

Oh god. What have I done?!

My favorite shot.

Obviously a vast improvement. Other than that one creepy ghost faced queen. I have no techniques to share besides taking a lot of pictures and hope that you get a handful of interesting shots.


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